KXRW.FM is an independent, volunteer-based, values-driven, community-supported organization. We are dedicated to delivering quality programming with an emphasis on local voices. We are committed to sharing knowledge and information to build relationships and community in Southwest Washington and beyond. 


Listen to KXRW on 99.9 FM, on XRAY.FM at 107.1 and 91.1 FM, online at XRAY.FM or get the FREE XRAY.FM cell phone app. 

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KXRW.FM is seeking individual show sponsors and station underwriters to support the mission of community radio in Vancouver, Washington. 

We aim to aid you in producing a stellar business audio spot that highlights the message you desire our community to absorb!   

Our loyal listeners understand the importance of supporting our sponsors. Testimonial from long time founding sponsor Hoesly ECO Automotive:


“My company supports KXRW Vancouver as well as their sister station XRAY.FM because this community desperately needs a non-corporate news and commentary, and local music. I have had customers tell me that they came to our store because of our sponsorship. I am overjoyed that while I made this move to help our community, it has actually helped our business in every way.”


                                        - Don Orange, Hoesly ECO Automotive Owner.

We truly appreciate your belief and support in community radio. This platform is important now more than ever. Your sponsorship will help sustain and grow our shared community voice in Southwest Washington and beyond!


Partnership Inquiry Form

One-time Event Partner
$25 / 20-30 second spot --- (10 spots minimum)

  • Promoted on all KXRW social media

  • Promoted on KXRW website



Bronze Partner 
$100 monthly / 20-30 second spots

  • 4 spots / month

  • Promoted on all KXRW social media

  • Promoted on KXRW website




Silver Partner
$250 monthly / 20-30 second spots

  • 10 spots / month

  • Promoted on all KXRW social media

  • Promoted on KXRW website and newsletter




Gold Partner

$500 monthly / 20-30 second spots

20 spots / month

  • Promoted on all KXRW social media

  • Promoted on KXRW website and newsletter

  • Promoted at all KXRW tabling events



Platinum Partner

$1000 monthly / 30-40 second spots

  • 40 spots / month

  • Promoted on all KXRW social media

  • Promoted on KXRW website and newsletter

  • Dedicated 30 minute segment on KXRW's program, The Common Good, hosted by Joe Clemons

  • Promoted at all KXRW tabling events including business banner and promotional materials

  • Free admission to all KXRW and XRAY events




  • Minimum contract is 6 months.

  • Extra benefits are included for businesses that sign for a 12 month or longer contract.

  • Customized packages can be discussed.